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Value Creation and Pricing your Accounting Services

I am a strong believer that accounting professionals and business consultants are poised to create a lot of value for their small business clients.  The challenge is that most people believe that our “hard work” is what adds value to our customers, and that is not exactly right.  As a matter of fact I believe that there are several opportunities we have to create value during the entire customer life cycle, most importantly there is a lot of value creation BEFORE and AFTER we perform the work,  These are the six opportunities we have to create value:

  1. POSITIONING VALUE: pre-engagement, branding, authoritative content, vertical or horizontal specialization, niche.
  2. UNDERSTANDING/SCOPING VALUE: During needs assessment meeting, having the Value Conversation, options and proposal presentation process.
  3. PERFORMANCE/EXPERIENCE VALUE: While performing work, the experience during the work (interactions and touch points).
  4. RESULTS/OUTCOME VALUE: Presentation of work product; the actual emotional and economic value the customer derives from your work.  The built-in guarantee of your work.
  5. MEMBERSHIP VALUE: being part of the ”club” and/or affiliation with a service provider or brand.
  6. TAIL VALUE: After completion of work, representing the enduring value of your work product and your capacity to service a past client, long tail effect… post-warranty access to service.

I explain these in detail through this video:


I will also deep-dive into specific examples of what this looks like in the real world through a 3-hour paid webinar on 08/30/2018 12pm to 3pm ET, sign up through:


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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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