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Want to Know What Your Customers Think?

The developers working on QuickBooks Online (QBO) are constantly experimenting with features and add-ons that can make the QBO product better. It’s possible to test some of these add-ons and experience the additional capabilities, before the idea becomes integrated into QBO for everyone.

You can access these works-in-progress by selecting the Settings or gear icon in QBO. Under Settings, select QuickBooks Labs.

We want to look at one of these today. For those that want to receive customer feedback (wouldn’t that be just about everyone?) there’s a new marketing plug-in.

From the QuickBooks Labs screen, let’s select Customer Ratings.

Making this selection adds the following category to your QBO menu.

The first access of the Marketing menu item on the left navigation bar, will be present you with the screen below. For this illustration, we will show Private feedback.

You could make the other selection and have the customer ratings published to your Google + account. QuickBooks Labs indicates that the app will publish to other ratings sites in the future. You will choose where you want your reviews published, just like we are doing in the above screenshot.

Let’s walk through the process. Rock Castle invoices their customer Kristy Abercrombie. Kristy pays her invoice. About an hour after payment is received, Kristy gets this email:

Kristy clicks on the Send Feedback button, and completes the form that appears.

Rock Castle Construction is notified that that new customer feedback has been received. Going back to the marketing menu item in QBO, they will see this:

Remember, we’re seeing this in QBO as it is private feedback. You could have this showing on your Google + page or other sites as they are added in the future.

You can view the QuickBooks Labs YouTube video of this feature here:

 Hector Garcia, CPA
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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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