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What does it take to be a GREAT accountant?

I have mentioned in a QuickBooks Class in the past, that all quickbooks users will either be dealing with an accountant or are accountants themselves.  at whichever capacity, it is most efficient if the accountant is good… not good, Great, and a GREAT accountant is someone with:

  • Trustworthiness : someone who does his job well and establishes others confidence in him.  Credibility, Integrity, and Honesty is key to have trust.
  • Time Management: time will always be a major concern. Accounting is a complex job. True as always will be, time is gold.  Accuracy will be affected by doing things in a hurry.
  • Quality of Work and Accuracy: In whatever side, quality beats quantity. An accountant must pour out his best in every task he performs.
  • Oral Communication: he deals with loads of people. Therefore, he must be good at speking his mind and explain this clearly.
  • Professionalism: He must act as if he owns everything under him. A good accountant is somebody who knows how to act the way his profession asks him to.  And its a professional before being your friend… you want that, so thay can tell you things straight.
  • Creativity: he must not have a shortage of ideas, strategies and methods of making great results attainable.  Creativity is not “creative accounting” to make things work or cheat on taxes.  Creativity is using the numbers as tool to think outside the box and help you maximize your LEGAL options.
  • Competence: he has to ignore choosing the least or easiest path. His target nothing less of excellence
  • Open-minded: Change is positive and eminent;  accountants must embrace change and different ideas as they come in. Moreover, he must be flexible towards it. although skepticism is also the accountant’s biggest asset, allowing him to be conservative.
  • Understanding the client and the role of the accountant: he will act well if he knows what his real purpose is.
  • Numbers Driven: self-explanatory…
  • Team Work Flexibility: can work well with all kinds of people. He can build a good relationship with almost everybody. Collaboration is the key.
  • Analytical Skills: must think beyond whats laid out. Digging deeper and reading “between” the numbers.
  • Listening Skills: Talking alone will not shape him into a good adviser as expected of him. He must be someone who respects the view of others.
  • Objectiveness : No Bias. True to accounting and tax rules. Personal feelings aside to help you make a clear all-business decision


Since we have trained many accountants and bookkeepers in many of our QuickBooks Training Couses, I though it was worth mentioning the important traits of a Great Accountant.


Hector Garcia, RTRP
QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Registered Tax Return Preparer
QuickBooks Training Courses, South Florida

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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