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What’s New in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2014?

What’s New in QuickBooks 2014?

For all Windows versions (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise):

  • New Email – New customizable e-mail templates with insertable Fields such as: Name, Due Date, transaction number, total, etc.  Also, Sent email History is in the Customer Center as another tab. Ability to e-mail client a payment receipt
  • New Attach in emails (i.e. Invoices) any of the “attached documents”
  • New Bank Feeds – With ability to add class on the same line and show/hide bank memo.  Also Create rules that Rename AND/OR Categorize
  • New Income Tracker – view all income transactions (estimates, sales orders, open invoices, overdue invoices, and payments in last 30 days) in a single page.  Ability to batch e-mail all open invoices… including multiple invoices to same client on single email.
  • New Client Collaborator – ability to discuss transaction details with Accountant.  Also Reminders and To-do’s moved to Global Access Bar.
  • Improved ability to Copy/Paste Line in transactions (such as line items in invoices)
  • Improved View Balances Tab, can now be customized to show any account.
  • Improved Bounced Checks tracking
  • Improved Visibility with dark blue background on menu bar instead of dark gray/black as 2013
  • Improved Search, with Auto Search Suggestions
  • Improved Company Information now called “My Company”.  Setup integrated apps directly from there
  • Improved Contextual reports, quickly accessible within transactions, such as: View Open Invoices, Sales by Customer Detail, and Average Days to Pay Summary.
  • Improved Reports. Printing now can fit to # of pages high, Sales Reps on Jobs, Job Status Filter for reports.
  • Improved Add/Edit Multiple Lists now contains a Find function
  • Improved Payroll Center has a better layout, with tabs for payroll liability payments and forms.
  • Improved Bill Payment Stubs now include applied credits in details.

For QuickBooks Enterprise only:

  • New WIP Report and Committed Cost Report (with unpaid wages and open PO values)
  • New Add Sales Rep and Custom Fields to Bills, Checks, and Credit Card Charges.  Which allows a true profit by Rep report.
  • New Maximum stock levels in addition to Min (formerly known as re-order point) that allows you to Auto-PO up to Max levels.
  • New Advanced Pricing Add-on or Pricing Rules (additional $399 per year on top of FSP subscription.  Create Quantity discounts, temporary manufacturer/vendor discount, different pricing based on class, use future/seasonal sale discounts
  • Improved Assemblies, ability to create subassemblies (nested assembly) in a single build.  Automatic Update of BOM Costs.   Add/Edit Multiple List Entries allows Assembly import from excel.   New “Where-used” report to see items/assembly relationships and easily replace item from assembly.
  • Improved Inventory Center now allows changes to pricing without going to the Edit Item window.  Also you can edit both markup % and/or margin %.

For QuickBooks Accountant edition only:

  • New Added Invoices/Credit Memos and Bills/Bill Credits to Batch Enter Transactions feature
  • Improved Reclassify Transactions now can let you change the source bank account
  • New Client Collaborator feature allows you to send client notes or questions about specific transactions and clients will receive them in their QuickBooks file.  Will keep track of all notes.  Need to have an intuit login to update via the “cloud”


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Hector Garcia

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