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What’s New with QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise 2018?

Let us get on with the new features for 2018, and we will start with new features available across ALL editions of QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Multi-Monitor Support* you can now expand QuickBooks across 2 or 3 monitors respecting the maximize rules per screen! And a keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+N to toggle any window across screens. Also CTRL+ALT+M toggle the multi-monitor feature on/off – VIDEO
  • Copy/Paste Line Shortcuts CTRL+ALT+Y and CTRIL+ALT+V
  • Past Due Stamp can now be added to Invoice and the user has the choice on which invoices get the stamp or not
  • Search in Chart of Accounts finally we can search and filter searched results in the chart of accounts by account name or number
  • Cash/Accrual Toggle on reports now you can quickly toggle between cash basis and accrual basis on any report without having to click on Customize Reports, saves 2 clicks
  • Stay Logged-in preference* now gives the user the option to stay logged in op to 90 days without having to enter the password to get into QuickBooks. *Not available in hosted environments
  • Secure Webmail Support for users of Gmail and Hotmail services, can now use the secure protocol that allows them to use these email services via QuickBooks to e-mail forms and report.
  • Inventory Report Improvements now you can add additional columns for Inventory Valuation Summary and Inventory Stock Status Reports
  • Merge Vendors is a great new feature that allows you to merge up to 4 vendors in a single swoop, and consolidate entire history of the multiple vendors as if it was just one vendor; great for duplicate vendor clean-up (QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Only)

Lastly, these are only available in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Editions only:

  • Mobile Picking with an Android Device allows the back-office team to send orders to the warehouse team with instructions of which Sales Orders to pick through a mobile device via WIFI and the warehouse can notify the back office team that a Sales Orders has been partially or fully picked and ready for shipment all via the mobile device without touching QuickBooks.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning with a special Android Device that has a built-in scanner, the warehouse team can also scan the barcodes of the product while is being picked to confirm that the right product and quantities are being picked for shipping


Some videos I created on this:


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Hector Garcia, CPA


Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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