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When do I need to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise?

Assuming that you are currently using QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or any version of QuickBooks Online; you might have outgrown it and you are wondering if QuickBooks Enterprise is the right move. So here is the list of additional features that moving to QuickBooks Enterprise will give you:

  • Batch Enter Transactions: You can add Checks, Credit Card Charges, Deposits, Invoices/Credit Memos, and Bills/Bill Credits from an excel spreadsheet with a quick copy/paste style function.
  • Batch Delete Transactions: This feature lets you delete or void transactions in a batch
  • Batch Reclassify Transactions to reclassify the account wrongly categorized transactions in batch, also reclassify classes in batch as well
  • Create Period copy great for audits with limited time periods.
  • Work with 2 files simultaneously.
  • Client Data Review is the  fastest way to write off invoices, fix open balances, fix undeposited funds, fix sales tax, and troubleshoot inventory issues
  • Fixed Asset Manager to calculate depreciation from Fixed Item List
  • Add Comments to Reports with the new Commented Reports feature
  • Statement Writer allows you to create custom, compliant, financial reports
  • Advanced user Permissions and Restrictions (Over 100 individual functions can be toggled for users)
  • Ability to upgrade to 6-30 Simultaneous users.  Number of user licenses has an incremental cost, ranging from 1-user at $1,299 to 30-user at $9,300. Also monthly subscriptions available at discounted rates
  • Consolidate multiple QuickBooks files to create a combined report in excel
  • More Custom fields, and ability to create drop-down custom fields to restrict user to specific data entry choices.
  • ODBC connector for easy data export into Microsoft Access and other ODBC compliant database systems.
  • Unlimited names and items. Pros and Premier are normally limited at 14,500.
  • Designed for larger data file sizes and network.  Works faster over multiple users in a network.
  • US-Based Tech support included with annual subscription
  • Ability to open 2 company files  simultaneously
  • Ability to consolidate 2 or more company files into one consolidated financial statement
  • Shortage Report for inventory assemblies missing components
  • WIP Report and Committed Cost Report (with unpaid wages and open PO values)
  • Sales Rep and Custom Fields to Bills, Checks, and Credit Card Charges.  Which allows a true profit by Rep report
  • Maximum stock levels in addition to Min (formerly known as re-order point) that allows you to Auto Create PO’s  that allows for the automation of purchase users based on minimum and maximum inventory levels
  • Adjust Margin and Mark-up per item, also when cost changes, sales price will automatically adjust using the pre-fixed margin or mark-up
  • Assign a Default Class to a Name, Item, or Account
  • Pending Builds Assemblies and easily swap an item that are used in any assemblies
  • Disallow Negative Inventory  with a built-in mechanism to prevent the user from creating a transaction that triggers a negative inventory.  Also a Negative Item Listing Report to accompany this feature
  • Disallow sales to overdue customers
  • Disallow user from entering opening balances when creating new customers, vendors, and/or items.
  • Show Item cost on sales transactions
  • Search Within Transactions and sort columns within groups
  • Ability to show a subtotal for qty and numerical custom fields within transactions.
  • Enhanced Inventory Receiving: Separates the receiving process from the accounts payable process, which is great to maintain separation of the receipt date of inventory from the bill date.
  • Label Printer Support: You can now print labels on single roll continuous labels, instead of being limited to regular printers only.
  • Find and Select Items: Very fast way to search for an item by name or description within a sales form, such as an Invoice.
  • Built-in Enhanced QuickBooks Payroll (no extra cost): available is both Gold and Platinum Editions


Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing, and Advanced Reports:

  • Advanced Pricing: improvement over Price Levels from Premier and QBES Silver/Gold, and also adds advanced pricing functionality, including expiring discounts, and package conditional pricing. Volume Discounts: you can set a different price table based on quantities being sold
  • Bar Code Scanning Support: you can connect a USB (wired or bluetooth/wireless) barcode scanner to receive item and invoice items
  • FIFO Inventory Costing: QuickBooks by default uses average costing for inventory, with QBES Platinum you can set FIFO as your costing mechanism
  • Multiple Inventory Sites: you can track inventory in multiple sites and create transfers between the sites
  • Bin location Tracking: you can track inventory based on sub-locations  within an inventory site
  • Mobile Phone (android) and Mobile Scanner Support: you can sync you open sales order data to a mobile device to manage the inventory picking process wirelessly, using a MC40 device you can also scan the items in order to confirm a pick
  • Pick/Pack/Ship Status Support for Sales Orders and mobile scanner support for status updating
  • Receive PO’s with mobile app and mobile scanner
  • Perform Inventory Cycle Counts with mobile app and mobile scanner
  • Advanced Reporting add-on allows to unlock most of our QuickBooks data to create very customizable reports using QlikView technology


In this video, I break down the differences across the different versions:


Call us if you have any questions about upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise 1-800-819-6307

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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