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Why QuickBooks Online ADVANCED?

There is a lot of confusion out there about what QuickBooks Online Advanced is and what is not. For a little context, QuickBooks Online offers 4 versions of the software:

  • $25/month: QuickBooks Simple Start
  • $50/month: QuickBooks Essentials
  • $80/month: QuickBooks Plus
  • $180/month: QuickBooks Advanced

You can check out the latest pricing for them and/or sign up here:

Anyway, in this article, I am going to compare the feature set of the different versions starting from Simple Start to Advanced.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start has these core features:

  • Track Invoices, Checks, and Expenses
  • Capture and Organize Receipts and other attachments
  • Accept Online Payments (with approved QuickBooks Payments account) at 2.75% for credit card payment
  • Track miles
  • Create and Send Estimates
  • Track Sales Tax
  • Manage 1099 contractors (additional fee to create/file 1099-MISC forms)
  • Connect to banks and download transactions
  • Basic Financial Reports
  • Access to 1 user + 2 External Accountants

QuickBooks Online Essentials, has all the features of QuickBooks Online Simple Start, and:

  • Manage Accounts Payable (Bills)
  • Track time (timesheets)
  • Access to 3 users + 2 External Accountant

QuickBooks Online Plus, has all the basic features of QuickBooks Online Essentials, and:

  • Access to 5 users + 2 External Accountant
  • Track Project Profitability (Job Costing)
  • Create Purchase Orders

QuickBooks Online ADVANCED, has all the basic features of QuickBooks Online Plus, and:

  • Number of users is now up to 25 + 3 External Accountants
  • Additional customizable user permissions by role
  • Unlimited active accounts in the Chart of Accounts (limited to 250 in all other versions)
  • Unlimited Classes and Locations (limited to 40 total in all other versions)
  • Accelerated Invoicing: Import Invoices from CSV File and Batch Enter Invoices
  • Batch Enter Checks and Expenses
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Fathom Reporting App Included with the subscription ($40 a month value)
  • Enhanced Custom Fields: ability to search, sort and filter reports by custom field and customizable format for custom fields such as date, drop-down menu, etc.
  • Export Reports to Google Sheets
  • Revenue Streams reporting module: compare your income using multiple dimensions


Here is a complete chart that compares ALL versions of QuickBooks (including Desktop)

When you are ready setup an account, go to:

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Hector Garcia

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