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Why we claim to be the “Best Rated” QuickBooks course in South Florida?

We have some competitors in South Florida for QuickBooks Training courses, and though they all differ in content, timing, pricing, etc. (see COMPARE US for more details) we stand above the competition because our approach:

  • We have a dedicated classroom (not in a hotel conference room)
  • Our trainers are actual practicing accountants that work with QuickBooks every day! (Rather than a community college professor reading from a teachers guide)
  • Our 3-Day program happens in a time span of 3-4 weeks (rather than  2 days back-to-back or 7-8 weeks) which gives the students just enough time to learn, practice, and come back with questions.  At the same time, is fast enough to get people working on QuickBooks immediately
  • We provide a practical use and complete QuickBooks guide book, instead to printed-out powerpoint presentations
  • Every student is working in their own workstation with QuickBooks installed and working hands-on while learning, instead of looking at a screen al day
  • We are located in the middle of Broward County, central to everybody in South Florida, and traffic is very light by our location (Rather than locations in Downtown areas where parking and logistics are more complex)
  • Our website is full of videos, links, and resources that the students have access to for future reference
  • Our trainers are available for private training and consulting to deepen in topics that are particular to the business.  Also, all of our trainers are bilingual.
  • On top of our curriculum-based courses, we also put together custom courses for companies that have 4-8 attendees that need to learn QuickBooks.
  • Our Principal Trainer is Hector Garcia, click here to read his QuickBooks ProAdvisor profile, then click on “Read Reviews”
Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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Use our link to get 30% off for a year, valid through 07/31/2022