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Is QuickBooks Enterprise cloud based?

No.  QuickBooks Enterprise is Desktop-Based.  Ir requires a PC with Windows to run.  However, if you host QuickBooks Enterprise using a cloud hosting service such as RightNetworks, you can run QuickBooks from any PC or Mac with internet access using Remote Desktop Connection (Also known as Terminal Services) which allows the computer to connect to the cloud service and display QuickBooks on the screen remotely; while giving you almost the same functionality as if it was natively installed in the computer you are using and acting like a cloud based app.

QuickBooks Enterprise is the most advanced version of QuickBooks, with hundreds of additional features that the most Advanced versions of QuickBooks Online have; however, it is NOT a native cloud-based application which is what most people want nowadays, and also it does not have a native phone/tabled app the way QuickBooks Online does.

QuickBooks Enterprise is also more expensive than QuickBooks Online, specially when you have multiple users.  There are some legitimately reasons why people prefer a cloud based application, but the people that choose QuickBooks Enterprise (wether they use it in a local area network, with their own server, or host it to make it “cloud bases”) people choose it because of its additional features that the cloud based QuickBooks Online does not have.

Here is a matrix list of features comparing all versions of QuickBooks feature by feature


Most of our customers that work with Quickbooks Enterprise, host their file in their own controlled server environment or using a 3rd party hosting service like RightNetworks.  They are also often in these industries:

  • Construction: and need comprehensive job costing reports and work-in-process workflows
  • Wholesale & Distributions: with heavy inventory management needs
  • Manufacturing: creating bill of materials and managing inventory assemblies
  • Field Services: requiring to track a lot of information in custom fields on the forms and custom reports
  • Project-based Custom Manufacturers: combining elements of inventory management and Job costing needs

If you would like to determine which version of QuickBooks is best for you, email us: and we will give you a recommendation


Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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