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Sample QuickBooks Test/Quiz Questions

We strongly recommend preparing for the official QuickBooks Certified User exam, before making the $150 investment.  Here are some sample questions that may help you stay sharp!

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1 –  What does the HOME icon do in the Desktop Version of QuickBooks?

  • Once completed QuickBooks will create a company file on the cloud that only people with the correct username and password will be able to access
  • The Interview Questions can always be retrieved later in the future to change the settings
  • The Interview Questions can never again be retrieved for the same company file, but the preferences can be changed in the Edit, Preferences menu and Company, Company Information menu
  • Neither the Interview questions nor the preferences can be changed once the company file is set
  • None of the above


2 – Estimates and Purchase orders are known as:

  • Posting Transactions – affect accounting results
  • Non-Posting Transactions – Do not affect accounting results
  • Pending Transactions – affecting accounts receivable and accounts Payable only
  • Non-Deductible Transactions – these are not deductible from taxes based on special IRS rules
  • Non of the above

3 – If you click on the Home icon, the following will happen:

  • QuickBooks will send a signal to your GPS with directions back to your house
  • It will take you to the homepage of your favorite website, such as
  • It will close the company file and take you to the initial Open Company File menu
  • It will show the Home Screen with all the workflow icons and keep the other windows open in the background
  • Non of the Above

4 – The Chart of Accounts

  • It is a graphical illustration of how all the accounts affect each other in the accounting
  • Is a Chart of all the values and trends of each of your bank accounts
  • Is a list of all “accounting” accounts such as income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity.  Where you can create new ones and edit existing ones
  • It is the place where all the bank accounts are reconciled
  • None of the Above

5 – What is a Sub-Account and what is it used for?

  • It’s an account of less value as non-subaccounts and it shows which accounts have the most value
  • It’s used for savings accounts and non-subaccounts are used for checking accounts
  • It is an account within another account (or belonging to a parent account) used to represent higher level of detail of a parent account.  Sub-Accounts can be collapsed or expanded in reports.
  • It is a non-posting account used to input all non-posting transactions
  • None of the Above

6 – What are some of the different types of items?

  • Income and Expense items
  • Itemized deduction and Standard Deduction
  • Items for sale and items non-for-sale
  • Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, and Other charges
  • Depreciable, Non-Depreciable, Taxable, and Non Taxable

7- Where or How are items used in QuickBooks?

  • They are used to reconcile bank accounts
  • They are used to count how many transactions are in the system
  • They are used in transactions such as invoices or bills to track type of product or service being sold or purchased.
  • They are used only to track inventory items being sold.
  • They are not used in QuickBooks at all unless you turn on the items functionality


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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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